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What to do if you Mess up on your Washington Bankruptcy Claim

March 19, 2010 1 comment
Bankruptcy in Seattle, Washington

Bankruptcy in Seattle, Washington

… don’t worry, there’s a fix for that. Experienced Seattle bankruptcy attorneys understand all of the knocks and crannies of bankruptcy law in Washington. If you have made an error in fling bankruptcy in Washington, take a deep breath, pick up the phone and dial 206-965-8726 for seasoned Seattle bankruptcy lawyersSe. The attorneys at Carrigton Nuamah, P.C. have been practicing law for over 40 combined years and are there to assist you in filing chapter 7,11,13, personal and business bankruptcy in Washington. Here is some information on how you can fix your blunders in filing Washington Bankruptcy.

Rule 1009-1: Amendments to petition, lists, schedules and statements
• Case name and number; verification: The name of the debtor as well s the case number must be on the first page of any amended petition, schedule, statement or list.
• Amendment of petition to add party or to change a debtor’s name: The name which is stated in the case caption (also the original debtor name) can be amended by ex parte. But, you can’t alter a petition after filing to add a spouse as a joint debtor (lucky them) or to substitute a party (that’s right no blame shifting). The only time you may do this is when order after a motion on a notice and hearing.
• Addition of Creditors:
o Duty to supplement master mailing list: In order to add to your prior list or schedule of creditors or other interested parties you must do so by filing a supplemental mailing list.
o Notice of Amendment: Once you have made an amendment s to your the § 341 meeting notice has been mailed BUT before you have the actual meeting, you must mail a notice of amendments to any added creditors. You need to also send them a copy of the § 341 meeting notice. In this notice you need to let your creditors know that on the motion that they the creditor made prior to the expiration of any applicable deadlines made in the 341 meeting notice, the court has the right to extend the time for filing the following

  • Proofs of claim
  • Objections to the debtors exemptions
  • Complaints objecting to discharge
  • Complaints to determine the discharge ability of debt

• Fee for Amending Schedules: You didn’t think this wasn’t going to cost you? Every amendment to a debtor’s schedule of creditors or equity security holders, with the exception to chapter 13 cases, must be sent with the fee prescribed by the Judicial Conference of the United States.

Filing for bankruptcy can be a daunting process… and you don’t have to face it alone.  For seasonsed legal guidance in Washington bankruptcy contact the law firm of Carrington Nuamah today by calling 206-965-8726 or by filling out there online contact form.

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