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Splitting up got a whole lot easier in NY

On October 14th, irrevocable breakdown of the marriage which is New York’s version of the no-fault law went into effect.  In the little time that has gone by, local divorce attorneys have seen a rise in divorce already.  New York is the last state to install this law, so it will not have such an affect on the business for an Austin divorce lawyer for example.  The new law lets one file a divorce based upon irrevocable differences instead of having to blame the other person.  Previous to this, New York couples would have to prove the partner was responsible for acts such as cruelty, adultery or abandonment by going through a one year separation.

A lot of couples are now jumping on the opportunity to end their marriages that held off on it previously because they did not want to go through a contested-divorce process.  Some supporters of the law feel that this will make an emotionally draining event easier to handle while preserving families.  Critics on the other hand feel that it makes divorce too easy for married couples to through in the towel instead of working through difficult times.

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