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Fatal NYC Construction Accidents on the Rise

New York City is undergoing in serious building boom which is leading towards a rise of 61% in fatal construction accidents.  When dealing with such a case, a New York City Construction accident lawyer would have to question where does the responsibility law- in the workers or negligence of he companies they work for?  The leading cause of the increase can be accredited to falls from hanging scaffolds.


To aid in combating this trend, the cities building department and Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) will apply vigorous enforcement will be applied to the safety rules along with unannounced construction site inspections.  Falls from hanging scaffolds have been the single greatest factor in the increase. Top officials of OSHA and the city’s Buildings Department said they were disturbed by the trend and vowed vigorous enforcement of safety rules and unannounced inspections of construction sites.
NYC Construction

NYC Construction

Could this be a little bit too late?  Some worker support groups feel that this is the case and that the deaths were preventable.  29 construction workers in 28 incidents have fallen to their death in a year come this September 20th.   Of these workers, 21 were immigrants or had limited English capabilities and 24 were nonunionized.  The 10 companies that these deaths occurred with were small with 10 or less workers.  The year prior, there were a total of 18 deaths within 9 falls.


A Report will be issued by December 18th by a task force who will be examining scaffold safety.  This came from an announcement on Nov. 2nd from the commissioner of Buildings Department and a day after a 25 year old Ecuadorean fell and died outside of an office building near Union Square.


Richard Mendelson who is the director of NYC’s OSHA stated that “these are all needless, excess deaths in the city,” he told the Building Trades Employers’ Association, an umbrella group for the city’s largest contractors and construction managers. “And they put workers at risk, they put the public at risk, they really put the industry at risk, because employers who cut corners ultimately suffer not only lawsuits, but also OSHA enforcement and city enforcement.”
Mendelson also continued by saying that “there’s no reason why nonunion workers should have a lower level of protection,” he said. “Obviously there’s a disparity here.”
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