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Eww don’t sneeze on me, I don’t want to catch your divorce!

No really, you need to cover your mouth, my husband would hate it if he know a divorcee sneezed on me. A new study has been done that hints that divorces have a “contagious” nature about them. The study suggests that the chances of an individual getting a divorce increases by 75% when a person’s immediate associates, such as friends, family or co-workers get a divorce. This is an ongoing study from 1948 which is led by Dr. Rose McDermott on more than 12,000 patrons from New England.

If this study seriously holds water, I have one word… wow, no, no two, bloody wow! Is love seriously becoming about being in the fad over being in love? That’s absolute madness.   It would be interesting to see what an divorce attorney would thing about this. None of your friends are getting a divorce, so you have nothing to worry about… right? Well, according to the study you should also be wary of any of your friends friends who are cutting the naught. The study says that when a second degree associate gets a divorce, it increases the chances of a divorce by 1/3.

The “phenomenon” as we can call it is becoming know as “divorce clustering”. Here is a brief recap of this study.

“A person’s tendency to divorce depends not just on his friend’s divorce status, but also extends to his friend’s friend. The full network shows that participants are75 per cent more likely to be divorced if a person—obviously other than their spouse—that they are directly connected to is divorced. The size of the effect for people at two degrees of separation, for example the friend of a friend, is 33 per cent. At three degrees the effect disappears.” (www.dailymail.co.uk)

So what do you think about this whole idea of divorce clustering.

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