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Miranda Rights- Is a new recipe in the making?

David Axelrod who is a top White House adviser said in an interview with CNN that president Obama is “open to looking” at amendments to the Miranda rule.  The Miranda rule prohibits the prosecution from using statements made by suspects before they have been informed they have the right to remain silent and a right to an attorney.  This was after Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. called for a law that allow for interrogators to pose questions to individuals who are suspected terrorist prior to giving them their Miranda rights.  Watch the video below for more on his interview

David Axelrod continued to explain that he although he is willing to commence talks with congress in regards to this- he is aware they will be more interested in adjustments instead of a full reform.  A major premis of his recommendations is that in the situation of terrorists suspects, the Miranda Rights should be modified.
In 1996, the Supreme court instilled the law that is currently enforced.  The Miranda rule is line with the Fifth amendment and intends to make sure confessions are not coerced for self-incrimination.  Attorney General holder is asking for legislation to build a new exception.
Republicans have been critical of President Obama’s handling of certain terrorists suspects.  Most recently, the handling of Faisal Shahzad who attempted to detonate a bomb in Times Square.  The criticism is that he was handled as a criminal defendant instead of as a military detainee under wartime laws.
What are your thoughts on this?  What are the potential repercussions of making amendments to the Miranda laws?

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