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Don’t Believe all you Hear When getting a Divorce

January 4, 2010 2 comments

Anyone who has been through a divorce knows that it can be a sticky and complicated situation.  That being the case, don’t be one of the many to let the myths of divorce complicate your situation even more.  Also, you should always consult with an attorney to learn about all of your options such as a legal separation in Orange County, divorce mediation, collaborative, contested and uncontested divorces.  Below are a couple myths dispelled.

  • Women always get custody.  This was a standard practice many years ago, but now courts accept that a mother and father can be equally adequate guardians for their children.  Custody decisions are made based on many factors, such as each parent’s financial stability, criminal record, and relationship with the children.
  • I can go through a divorce by myself.  The Orange County divorce process can be easy or complex, depending on your specific situation.  The best first step is to make an appointment for an initial legal consultation.  A reliable and experienced attorney will discuss with you the details of your case and explain your options.
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